Alexandre Roubtzoff is not very renowned among art lovers. Surely his personality has got something to do with it, for he wished his whole life he would be able to avoid journalists. His shyness, his will to remain discreet at a time when showing off was the rule, seriously hampered the spreading of his works. Even so, when he dies in Tunis in 1949, he already has a bit of a name. The heartwarming tribute he is paid by during the "Tunis Exhibit" of 1950 proves that Roubtzoff had become a major contributor to the cultural life in the city. His name is forever bound to Tunisia and is a testimony of the richness and flourishment of art in Tunis in-between the wars.


Short biography of Roubtzoff

January 24, 1884: Born in Saint-Petersburg

1904: Enters Saint-Petersburg's Imperial Academy of Fine Arts

1912: Winner of the Great Prize of the Imperial Academy, he is granted a four year scholarship to help him travel

1914: Arrives in TUNIS, Tunisia, on the 1st of April

1924: Made senior officer of the Academy of Fine Arts

1924: Naturalized French. From then on, claims being: "French born in Russia."

1949: Dies in TUNIS on the 25th of November

All along his life, between 1899 and 1949, Roubtzoff kept travelling across Europe and North Africa. He spoke five languages: russian, french, arabic, spanish and italian.

His masters were :

* Jekaterina Alexandrovna WACHTER
* Ian Frantsevitch TZIONGLINSKY.

Portrait of Alexander Roubtzoff by Achille Frédéric.

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